Organic Farm

At Jungle Boss, we define organic agriculture as an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability.

Vietnamese organic farmers do not allow nature to take over their farms. They use their knowledge, techniques and available materials to work with the environment. In doing this, local organic farmers create a healthy balance between nature and farming, where crops and livestock can grow and thrive in their given landscape.

You, too, can take part in helping create harmony at Jungle Boss. Just ask any staff member how you can help us become a self-sustainable organization.

Learn about the different crops that are grown in Vietnam:  peanuts, corn, wintermelon, pumpkin, green beans, and more. Become knowledgeable in the culture and lifestyle of Vietnam, and most importantly, get a real insight into traditional Vietnamese farming.

Our chef can also help you make mouthwatering, traditional, Vietnamese cuisine. From field to stove, she will be with you every step of the way: helping you gather the components, prepping the ingredients, and guiding you while you learn to cook multiple local dishes. After the session, devour your delicious, hard-earned work!